The world of work is changing—and changing fast. But one thing never seems to change: Too many employers don't treat their employees fairly.

Today, growing numbers of workers realize that if they want to gain respect and assure fairness, they need to join together to form a union.

Labor unions are changing too—and AFSCME is leading that change. AFSCME members win concrete changes in their workplaces, and they win greater dignity and respect on the job. By joining together to form an AFSCME local, new AFSCME members have won:

  • A strong voice in the workplace
  • Fair grievance procedures
  • Wage increases
  • Benefit improvements
  • Better staffing levels

Choosing AFSCME is the first step to success for many public service employees: AFSCME has the best record in the nation for helping workers secure representation rights by winning representation elections and settling first contracts.

Nationally, AFSCME is 1.3 million strong, with more than 27,000 members in Northern California. Thousands more are joining us every year. We are nurses in county health facilities and prisons, we help people with job placement in social services agencies, we help provide clean drinking water and flood protection, we are paraeducators and school custodians, we are public transit workers, emergency dispatchers, court clerks, city planners, park rangers and much, much more. Together, we have the strength to improve our jobs, our work and our lives.

Organizing and growing gives us more power. Despite AFSCME’s successes, union membership is down nationwide, even in the public sector. And with state budgets getting tighter, politicians will look for ways to reduce public-sector payrolls. Unless we organize, the percentage of workers represented by unions will decline, which will weaken our bargaining power. The more members our union has, the more powerful we are in the workplace and with the politicians who make decisions that affect our work and lives.

Interested in forming a union at your workplace? Contact us today.