The pandemic has led many of us to take stock of our lives and our goals.

More Americans approve of labor unions today than at any time since 1965, according to annual Gallup poll

In less than two weeks, California voters will decide the fate of Gov. Gavin Newsom in only the second recall election in the state's history.

After spending months making demands to city leaders to pay them fairly and treat them like their work is essential, our brothers and sisters from MEF in San Jose won a new contract.

The victory is significant for workers in San Jose because Municipal Employees' Federation (AFSCME Local 101) won the contract by working in coalition with IFPTE Local 21, whose members also are public service workers for the city. The coalition was able to get one of the largest raises our members have received in nearly 30 years.

AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka died suddenly on Thursday at the age of 72.

A former coal miner, Trumka served as the voice for America's labor movement since 2009.

Many labor leaders throughout the country agree that we lost a legend with Trumka's passing.

James Truhls works as a landfill gate attendant for Inyo County. Although his job requires him to know about the different regulations surrounding garbage and recycling, vehicle scales, accounting, and even conflict resolution, everyone knows folks like him are some of the most underpaid and under-appreciated workers in the county.

The benefits of belonging to a union are well-known. Better wages. Better health care. The promise of a secure and dignified retirement. A voice on the job, and much more.

But did you also know that belonging to a union may reduce the risk of poverty?

According to a new study, not only does belonging to a union (or being in a family with a union member) mean you’re less likely to fall into poverty, but even living in a state with high union density decreases your likelihood of experiencing poverty.

If you’re looking for an example of how the labor movement and community organizations fighting for racial justice can work together, look no further than our brothers and sisters of AFSCME Local 2428.

Through a yearlong effort that started with one member’s online petition, Local 2428 and other community activists got the the East Bay Regional Park District, for the first time, to recognize Juneteenth as a holiday.

On a press call Thursday morning, 19 California labor unions—including AFSCME Council 57—joined economist Dr. Robert Pollin to release a new study examining California’s pathways to recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic recession and the prospects for jobs growth under the state’s existing climate policies.

The United Steelworkers Local 675 also shared plans for budget advocacy to finance an Equitable Transition.

Paul Megia wasn't supposed to come into the office last week.

His plan was to work remotely, help with his children's online distance learning and have breakfast with his father on Wednesday.

But Megia left for work early that day, skipping breakfast with his father.

“He wasn’t even supposed to be at work. He was supposed to work at home,” Leonard Megia, Paul's father, told news reporters.

I wish I had better news for you today. But the mass shooting in San Jose yesterday was one of the toughest days of my career, and now the tragedy has hit home.