Jo Bates

You might say that Jo Bates was created to be an advocate for people. You may also describe her as a person who is passionate about fighting for the rights of working class families. On January 8, 2001, Jo was blessed to attain employment with the AFSCME organization.

Working her way up through the ranks, she began her journey as support staff to AFSCME Council 10. In 1994, Jo was promoted to the position of Coordinator for the Higher Education Division. In 1997, Jo began working as the Organizing Coordinator, and in 2000 she was promoted to Business Agent (BA). Jo takes great pride in assisting others and considers it her God given gift to help people. Having worked in many areas of government, such as county government, courts, cities, college districts, hospitals, fire districts, police departments, water districts and school districts, she has earned the reputation of being frank, yet honest. She is not afraid to stand up for what is right.

On this path for more than 27 years, she learned a great deal about how to improve, protect and preserve wages, health and welfare benefits and retirement for her members. Refusing to ignore a person in need, Jo loves to go the extra mile, helping bargaining unit members to use their voices at the bargaining table and in the workplace.

But it doesn’t stop there, she trains her members to use their talents to grow and inspire their communities, as well as develop relationships with community churches and elected leaders. Jo lives and works with three basic principles, “Be honest, Have Integrity and Live Right”. These principals are embodied through a dedication and commitment to do exceedingly and abundantly above all that is expected; experiencing the world through the openness and eagerness of a kind heart, while empowering others for the greater good of the world.