Local 1, Council 57 Agree to Unify

This month, the votes were counted and Local 1 members voted overwhelmingly to be a part of AFSCME Council 57.

This historic unification will blend two strong unions to become a more powerful organization to continue fighting and winning the dignity, respect and improvements for all AFSCME members in Northern California and the Central Valley.

This will also move the number of workers the council now represents to roughly 35,000.

From AFSCME Council 57 President Abdul Johnson: "We are excited about this unification and look forward to building a more powerful council in 2020! Please join me in welcoming Local 1. Our family is growing and we are truly AFSCME Strong!"

From PEU/AFSCME Local 1 President Winston Ingram: “There is strength in numbers and Local 1 members have gained more strength and the ability to continue winning dignity, respect and improvements for all public service workers by teaming up with the 28,000 members from AFSCME Council 57.”

Please join us in welcoming our Local 1 sisters and brothers into the AFSCME Council 57 family and making them a part of our great team.