Council 57 Supports Myanmar Strike

The AFSCME Council 57 Executive Board approved the following resolution in response to the Feb. 1 military takeover in Myanmar and the nationwide general strike that followed:

"Whereas, the military claimed that the outcome of Myanmar’s people vote in parliamentary elections held in November 2020 were fraudulent, there was no basis in fact for such claims that was found by a government commission investigating the claims that reported there was no evidence of fraud in this election;

Whereas, we (AFSCME Council 57 and our members) are strong believers in education, understanding that it is necessary to secure a democratic society;

Whereas, we recognize that regardless of our different cultures, we have shared values with the teachers of Myanmar, including liberty and free inquiry.

Therefore, It is our belief that their protest against this coup is an act of great courage that will stand as an eloquent example to the students of Myanmar and the world. For this reason, especially, we support their action and sacrifice.

Therefore, AFSCME Council 57 stands in solidarity with the civil servants, teachers, garment workers, all workers and citizens of Myanmar in their strike and protest against the unlawful coup of Feb. 1, 2021, and call upon General Min Aung Hlaing and the army to respect the votes of the people of Myanmar, to free all political prisoners, and restore Myanmar to civilian rule."