2020 General Election Endorsements

The AFSCME Council 57 Political Action Committee has announced its endorsements for national, state and local races for the November 3, 2020, general election.

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Nationwide Offices:

  • President: Joe Biden
  • Vice President: Kamala Harris

Statewide Ballot Measure:

  • Proposition 15: Increases funding for public schools, community colleges and local government services by changing tax assessment of commercial and industrial property. Recommend: Vote Yes
  • Proposition 16: Authorizes California repeal Proposition 209 Affirmative Action amendment. Recommend: Vote Yes
  • Proposition 22: Changes employment classification rules for app-based transportation and delivery drivers. Recommend: Vote No

State Senate:

  • District 9: Nancy Skinner
  • District 21: Kipp Mueller
  • District 37: Dave Min 

State Assembly:

  • District 20: Bill Quirk
  • District 25: Alex Lee
  • District 29: Josh Newman
  • District 43: Laura Friedman
  • District 44: Mike Gipson
  • District 55: Andrew Rodriguez
  • District 66: Melissa Fox

Local Government, Special District & Local Ballot Measures:

AC Transit Board of Directors:

  • At-large: Chris Peeples
  • At-large: Victoria Fierce
  • Ward 1: Jovanka Beckles
  • Ward 2: Jean Walsh

Alameda County:

  • Superior Court Judge: Mark Fickes

Bay Area Rapid Transit Board of Directors:

  • District 1: Jamie Salcido
  • District 3: Rebecca Saltzman
  • District 5: John McPartland
  • District 7: Lateefah Simon
  • District 9: Bevan Dufty

City of Belmont:

  • City Council: Davina Hunt
  • City Council: Tom McCune 

City of Campbell:

  • City Council: Anne Souza 

City of Elk Grove:

  • Mayor: Bobbie Singh-Allen

City of Eureka:

  • City Council: Liza Welsch

City of Gilroy:

  • City Council: Rebecca Armendaiz
  • City Council: Zach Hilton 

City of Hayward:

  • City Council: Angela Andrews 

City of Live Oak:

  • City Council: Dale Carlson 
  • City Council: Jeramy Chapdelaine

City of Lodi:

  • City Council: Joanne Mounce

City of Long Beach:

  • City Council: Al Austin

City of Orinda:

  • City Council: Latika Malkani

City of Richmond:

  • City Council: Melvin Willis
  • City Council: Claudia Jimenez
  • City Council: Gayle McLaughlin

City of San Jose:

  • City Council: David Cohen
  • City Council: Jake Tonkel

City of South San Francisco:

  • City Council: Richard Gabrino
  • City Council: Mark Nagales

City of Sunnyvale:

  • City Council: Russ Melton

City of Yuba:

  • City Council: Manny Cardoza
  • City Council: Shon Harris

Central Sanitation:

  • Mariah Lauritzen
  • James Nejedly
  • Natan Jaquez 

Contra Costa Community College District:

  • Ward 2: Judy Walters
  • Ward 5: Fernando Sandoval

East Bay Regional Park District:

  • District 1: Elizabeth Echols
  • District 2: Dee Rosario 
  • District 4: Ellen Corbett

Elk Grove Unified School District:

  • Regina Banks
  • Bobby Roy

Oakland Unified School District:

  • District 3: VanCedric Williams

Sacramento County:

  • District 3: Gregg Fisman 

San Mateo County Community College District:

  • David Mandlekern
  • John Pimental
  • Maurice Goodman

Santa Clara County Board of Education:

  • Area 1: Melissa Baten Caswell

Santa Clara County:

  • District 3: Dave Cortese
  • Measure S: Safe, clean water and natural flood protection program. Recommend: Vote Yes

Sequoia Union High School District:

  • Area 4: Shamar Edwards

Sutter County:

  • District 4: Tej Maain

West County Water District:

  • District 1: Cesar Zepada
  • District 2: Sherry Stanley
  • District 4: Harry Wiener

Yuba County:

  • District 2: Stephen Heter

Interested in another race and don’t see what you’re looking? Check out the California Labor Federation website.