Tony Martin

Tony Martin, Executive Board Member
Executive Board Member
(510) 919-1193

Tony Martin has worked for the East Bay Municipal Utility District for 28 yeas. He is currently a truck driver and the secretary and steward for Local 444.

As a kid, he always supported unions. He was taught that, when employees go on strike, it is important to never cross the picket line. He also was taught to fight for what’s right for all people, and that practice carries over to all aspects of life.

One of Tony's favorite sayings is, "There was a time when man used to love man and use money. Now, man loves money and uses man."

Tony's hope for being on the Executive Board is to strengthen some of our smaller unions and help them build their base. Through his example, he wants to always encourage members to remember that, together, we can share our talents and turn this world right side up.