Shawn Stewart

Shawn Stewart, Executive Board Member
Executive Board Member
(925) 222-8182

Shawn Stewart is the president of AFSCME Local 2700, and he is currently a senior-level clerk with Contra Costa County. Prior to his employment with Contra Costa County, his background was in payroll administration. He also runs his own music production company from his home in Vallejo.

Before getting involved in the union, he had no idea how much injustice exists within a public agency—from employment policy, bargaining contracts and, most importantly, within daily business operations.

After his local agreed to a contract extension that he didn't necessarily agree with, he decided to go to a union meeting to try and get an understanding of how the members came to the agreement. Although he showed up without the intention of getting involved, he saw a need for leadership among the group that was in the room. He has been representing members of Local 2700 ever since he attended that meeting.

Shawn believes that civil rights are synonymous with labor rights. He also believes in giving members the whole picture—uncut and unfiltered—especially in a post-Janus world.