Eric Young

Eric Young, Executive Board Member
Executive Board Member
(951) 256-6105

Eric Young is currently employed as a rehabilitation therapist for over 19 years with the Department of State Hospitals. He is an active leader in Local 2620, where he has served as the southern vice president for almost three years. His area of coverage is from Fresno to Mexico and Bltyhe to the coast, and he represents about 2,200 employees in Bargaining Unit 19.

Prior to joining the labor movement, outside of work, he was a no-nonsense instructor of his own bootcamp, where not only did he prepare indidviduals starting a career in the military and law enforcement but he also aided people in reaching their weight loss goals.

Within the labor world, he is a leader who is good at fighting back against bad management. He actively fights against incorrigible management and gives a voice to members who feel as though they have no voice in the workplace.

On a regular basis, Eric connects with members and potential members alike, and has found that everyone has a story. Despite the differences of our occupations and worksites, the consistency story he sees in all members is an unyielding desire to serve the clientele we provide services for. Those stories keep him humble and motivated to maintain his fitness for the ongoing battle with rogue managers and labor.

On the Council 57 Executive Board, he would like to empower more locals by educating them on how we in Council 57 are all interconnected.

Eric believes there are truly six degrees of separation between us all. We all know someone who lives, works and plays in an area where another brother or sister of a different local lives and thrives. Most of all, he believes there is power in bridging the gap among members, and he aims to pound the first rivet towards it.