Diane Campbell

Diane Campbell, Executive Board Member
Executive Board Member
(619) 818-0491

Diane is a member of Local 258, which is the union for a majority of the classified workers for the Elk Grove Unified School District. She is a regional team program technician, in which she works directly with homeless families in the school district.

Ever since she has been with the school district, Diane has been an active AFSCME member. After 14 months of being a member, she was asked to fill an executive board vacancy. Two months later, she filled the secretary-treasurer vacancy. As treasurer, she has worked diligently to maintain her local's tax-free status, update their records, pass annual budgets, and file required reports in a timely matter.

She was part of the committee that planned her local's first annual family BBQ.

She has also been hard at work making sure members have a positive relationship with our union, especially in this post-Janus era. 

Her main goal as a Council 57 Executive Board member is to help locals understand the support the council can offer them. She is looking forward to giving input and exchanging ideas on the best way for Council 57 to be run effectively and fiscally responsible.