AFSCME Council 57

Throughout my son’s long career at AFSCME, there have been countless times when I’ve seen Lee proudly wearing an AFSCME T-shirt.

Public approval of labor unions is at its highest level in 17 years, with nearly two out of three Americans (65%) expressing support of unions, 

Our AFSCME Local 1 sisters and brothers are calling out the Merced County Superior Court system for alleged nepotism, following the sudden

The billionaires, corporations and right-wing groups that filed the Janus v. AFSCME Supreme Court case wanted to destroy our union.

Big corporations and wealthy investors aren’t paying their fair share of property taxes in California. As a result, California ranks 39th compared to other states in school funding and ranks last with the largest class sizes and fewest counselors per student. Together, we can change that.

Schools & Communities First is a November 2020 ballot initiative that will require owners of big corporations to pay their fair share of property taxes to help fund our schools and communities.

Sign our commitment card today and let us know if you will stand with us to invest in our children, our communities and our future.

Our sister union UNAC/UHCP put together this timely list of racial justice resources. We encourage you to check it out, understand why this issue is so important and then apply the principles to yourself and others. It's the least we can do as working people.

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