AFSCME Council 57

The nation’s four largest public sector unions—AFSCME, SEIU, AFT and NEA—sponsored a virtual town hall with leading scientific experts, academics and government officials to explain the safety, eff

The Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors unanimously voted to appoint Monica Nino as county administrator this month—but not before a large group of our union brothers and sisters expressed the

Here’s a crucial reason for working people to do all they can to help Jon Ossoff and the Rev.

Our sister union UNAC/UHCP put together this timely list of racial justice resources. We encourage you to check it out, understand why this issue is so important and then apply the principles to yourself and others. It's the least we can do as working people.

The COVID-19 crisis is devastating workers in every industry.  This crisis is also exposing the gaping holes in our social safety net and laying bare just how rigged this economy is against workers and our families and how tilted it is to the wealthy and powerful. It’s time for decision-makers to hear from us about what we demand to weather this crisis and the changes we need to create an economy that prioritizes working people going forward.

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