AFSCME Council 57

If you ask John O’Connor, he’s nobody’s hero. As a longtime BART employee who loves his job and his family, his only goal every day is to do the best job possible.

Last year, nearly half a million workers went on strike across the nation, the largest number since 1986, when

This month, the votes were counted and Local 1 members voted overwhelmingly to be a part of AFSCME Council 57.

AFSCME has introduced an online bachelor’s degree completion program exclusively for members and their families that will cost a fraction of regular college tuition.

AFSCME is partnering with Ohio’s Central State University to bring members this amazing opportunity!  AFSCME members, active retirees and their eligible family members can now complete an online bachelor’s degree at a huge discount.  

Classes begin January 13, so apply now.

Today, growing numbers of workers realize that if they want to gain respect and assure fairness, they need to join together to form a union. 

AFSCME has the best record in the nation for helping workers secure representation rights by winning representation elections and settling first contracts.

Nationally, AFSCME is 1.3 million strong, with more than 27,000 members in Northern California. Thousands more are joining us every year.

Organizing and growing gives us more power. The more members our union has, the more powerful we are in the workplace and with the politicians who make decisions that affect our work and lives.

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