Valley State Prison is in Chowchilla, California, about 40 miles outside Fresno.

Workers in Missouri and New Mexico have chalked important victories against anti-worker laws that would have robbed them of their voices and the right to bargain collectively.

As a clinical social worker with San Mateo County’s Children and Family Services Department, Laura Stovall is sometimes required to go into a family’s home when a child’s life is put in danger—ofte

The Council 57 Delegates held an election in April for the new Executive Board.

With a two-year term comes a new Council president, vice president, secretary and several first-time Executive Board members. The treasurer and a number of board members were re-elected.

We recently caught up with the board members to get to know them a little better and find out what are their goals to make our Union stronger over the coming years.

Ruben Rodriguez
Local 444

California lawmakers took their first look in April at establishing a “Medicare for All” healthcare system, and labor unions were in strong support.

AFSCME Council 57 is the latest political heavyweight to vote for Kimberly Ellis to lead and represent statewide democrats as the next California Democratic Party Chair.

The multibillion dollar transportation bill that the California State Legislature recently passed to fix our state’s crumbling roads and bridges is a huge boon for AFSCME members.

A new case from Illinois that is almost a carbon copy of Friedrichs v. California Teachers Associationis heading to the U.S. Supreme Court after a federal court upheld a lower court’s ruling in favor of requiring “fair-share” fees for public sector workers.