The Council 57 Political Action Committee recently took a position to support statewide legislation that would protect our brothers and sisters from being targeted for their religious beliefs. The bill was proposed in the wake of repeated statements from the Trump Administration in regards to instituting a program to track Muslim people in the United States.

Millions of Americans who rallied this past weekend in solidarity with the Women’s March on Washingtonshowed that the Trump administration is in for a tough challenge if it tries to infringe on women’s rights or deprive us of our freedom to stand up for justice and dignity for all.

 After eight months of bargaining and more than 200 proposals submitted, Local 2620reached a tentative agreement in December for their members, which include 5,000 health and social service professionals in more than 135 classifications who work for the State of California.

Highlights of the new four-year agreement include the following:

The work that goes on inside the Juvenile Division of Superior Court in the County of Stanislaus, California, is emotionally draining. But Monica Delgado, who works there as a clerk, “comes in with a joyful disposition” every day, says her co-worker, Teresa Johnson.

That’s partly why Johnson nominated Delgado for AFSCME’s Never Quit Award – and why Delgado is one of the latest recipients of the honor, meant to recognize “members who demonstrate true dedication to their work” and who “never quit on doing the best job they can.”

A seemingly unlikely hero emerged Tuesday morning in Atwater when he quickly extinguished a fire burning at City Hall, then chased the arson suspect for half a mile and detained him for police.

Chris Carrera, 54, an AFSCME Local 2703member, has been a part-time janitor for the city of Atwater for nine years, but Tuesday he also was a firefighter and police officer.