LAS VEGAS — More than 160 AFSCME members gathered in Las Vegas last week to lift up the voice of public service workers and move our union forward.  

At the AFSCME Volunteer Member Organizer Rise Up conference, VMOs from around the country attended skill-building training sessions and visited Nevada state employees to share the vision of improving the quality of public services and the lives of those who provide those services. 

A federal court has ruled in favor of working families and against wealthy special interests in Danielson v. AFSCME Council 28, a case out of Washington state.  

As a statewide local, AFSCME Local 2620 knows it can be tough to reach all its members.

Because of the distance and the number of different jobs that members perform, it can be especially difficult for some members to feel like their voices are truly being heard, especially at the negotiating table.

That's why Local 2620 fanned out throughout Northern California this fall for a member organizing drive to make sure our sisters and brothers understood the importance of being involved in the union.

LOS ANGELES — As fires burned in Northern and Southern California and the death toll continued to rise; as smoke engulfed nearby cities, prompting health warnings to stay indoors; and as survivors relocated to makeshift camps and hoped for the best, the best often

At the 11th hour, a nine-union coalition representing more than 4,800 workers reached a tentative agreement with Contra Costa County that will provide relief on healthcare costs and wage increases for our members.

The three-year contract extension is a major victory for our sisters and brothers, which include AFSCME Local 512 and AFSCME Local 2700.