Local 146 Grows Stronger in Sacramento County

AFSCME Local 146 members were out in full force in June as they worked together to do outreach with their members throughout Sacramento County and strengthen the Union.

With the threat of Right to Work (for less) looming, Local 146 members understand that it is more important than ever to build power at the workplace—and that’s what they did.

Over three days, they held 100 conversations with members during 40 house visits and events at five worksites as part of our new AFSCME Strong campaign. They got 85 new commitments from members, two new members and five members to join PEOPLE, our Union’s political action committee.

Sacramento County Central Labor Council Executive Director Fabrizio Sasso said those 1-on-1 conversations with members were a model for what the entire Labor movement should be doing at a time when corporate interest groups are working tirelessly to chip away at the freedoms that unions have won for everyone.

“We need to continue to build relationships with our members so we can be strong,” Belinda Malone, president of AFSCME Local 146, said, speaking on the importance of our Union’s AFSCME Strong program. “The more members we have, the stronger we will be in this union and in the Labor Movement.”