Council 57 Supports Rise for Climate March

The AFSCME Council 57 Executive Board approved the following resolution in support of the Rise for Climate, Jobs and Justice March in San Francisco on Sept. 8:

"Whereas, our members and our communities are suffering the ravages of pollution and climate change, as evidenced by extreme weather, unprecedented wild fires in urban areas and wilderness, continuing drought, rising temperatures, record hurricanes and floods, and rising sea level; and

Whereas, we are at a crossroads and have a critical opportunity to shape which path we're going to take: the path of the status quo or a just transition to a 100% sustainable, renewable energy economy; and

Whereas, politicians from California and around the world will be meeting in San Francisco for the Global Climate Action Summit Sept 12 to 15; and

Whereas, Labor is uniting with social, racial, economic and environmental justice organizations to plan global Rise for Climate, Jobs & Justice actions Sept 8 that send a message to the Summit, our government and the world that the time for half-measures and false solutions is over; and

Whereas, the key anchor event of the global People's Climate Movement is in San Francisco and our allies will march in massive numbers demanding healthy air, healthy food and healthy water; and

Whereas, it is critical that Labor's voice is represented and that we join with our allies to defend the rights of immigrants and all workers in our struggle for a just transition to a system that places people over profit,

Be it resolved that AFSCME Council 57 endorses the Sept. 8 Mobilization California Rise for Climate, Jobs and Justice and encourages our member unions to take part in turning out a large labor contingent for a huge March that demonstrates popular support for a more just and speedy transition to a renewable energy society and sustainable economy."