Tanya Mahn

Tanya Mahn, AFSCME Council 57 Organizing Director
Organizing Director
(510) 459-9843

Tanya joined Council 57 with almost 25 years of experience in the labor movement both in California and nationally. Originally a Volunteer Member Organizer (VMO) on a groundbreaking organizing drive with the UAW for academic student employees throughout the University of California system, after graduating from UCLA, she continued working with that campaign becoming the Northern California Coordinator responsible for organizing and bargaining during the first contract fight. After a historic first contract at UC led to calls from academic student employees across the country who were interested in organizing their own unions, she worked for 10 years helping people gain power to improve their workplaces from CA to NY as an organizer with the UAW. In addition to working with university workers, she also spent several years working with Missouri state clericals, Michigan gaming workers, and workers in Midwest group homes and hospitals.

Part of the reason that Tanya is so excited to be Organizing Director with Council 57 is the great experience she had during the almost 3 years she worked with AFSCME International as the UAW lead organizer for Child Care Providers Together Michigan, a joint organizing drive between the UAW and AFSCME for 40,000 home-based child care providers.

She then returned to California, and for 7 years served as a UAW field rep for her home local and several of the new locals that had recently organized, including being chief negotiator for statewide negotiations with UC's Office of the President and CSU's Chancellor Office.

Tanya joined IFPTE Local 21 in 2015, and most recently, as the Senior Rep/Organizer, worked to prepare the 10,000-member local for the Janus decision.

Tanya once worked with a bargaining team member who proposed arm-wrestling to settle contracts, and though she doesn't advocate that, might be persuaded to arm-wrestle if someone disagrees that her home of Oakland is an extraordinary city.