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The week of February 18–26 is the first recess of the 115th Congress—time specifically set aside for members of Congress to meet with constituents and get the pulse of the communities they represent. Will you join fellow constituents and attend a Resistance Recess action near you? Read more >>>

An Eastern Sierra AFSCME member is seeking donations to help pay for her son’s chemotherapy treatments. Local 315 member Janie Barba’s son, Kris Isbell, was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in 2016. As his caregiver, Barba has been taking off work and traveling more than four hours away from home to take her son to his treatments.  Read more >>>

After going without a raise for over seven years, justice was finally served for court workers in Contra Costa County when Local 2700 recently reached an agreement for a 5% wage increase for senior court clerks and extra cash for all clerks and janitors depending on their years of employment.  Read more >>>

With the health care of millions of Californians at stake if Congress repeals the Affordable Care Act, a state senator is introducing legislation to establish a single-payer system. Under single-payer, the state would negotiate prices for services and prescriptions with providers, pharmaceutical companies and others.  Read more >>>

The Council 57 Political Action Committee recently took a position to support statewide legislation that would protect our brothers and sisters from being targeted for their religious beliefs. The bill was proposed in the wake of repeated statements from the Trump Administration in regards to instituting a program to track Muslim people in the United States.  Read more >>>

Millions of Americans who rallied this past weekend in solidarity with the Women’s March on Washington showed that the Trump administration is in for a tough challenge if it tries to infringe on women’s rights or deprive us of our freedom to stand up for justice and dignity for all.  Read more >>>

Keeping our children safe is job #1. Your free child ID kit should help your peace of mind.

Are Unions Useful Anymore?

Tell me if you've heard this one before: "Unions were good at one time, but haven't they outlived their usefulness?" This statement is old hat for those who want to crush workers' rights on the job. How old? The revelation at the 48-second mark says it all.


Wealth Inequality in America

Our perception of inequality and the actual numbers. The reality is worse than we think.

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