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No matter how vital we are to the success of every community, it hasn't stopped anti-union politicians from scapegoating us to advance their extremist ideology. Instead of taking responsibility for their own policy failures, they whip up the animosity of those who don't trust government, as if those of us providing valuable public services are the enemy. We have the unique ability to elect our bosses, so let’s get active in our communities to elect worker-friendly candidates in November!

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What do an Enron trader, oil tycoon, & Walmart heirs have in common? They're funding Marshall Tuck's campaign!

Vote for Tom Torlakson for Superintendent of Public Instruction.




AFSCME Walkers for Tim Sbranti

AFSCME supports Tim Sbranti for State Assembly, Marguerite Young for East Bay Municipal Utilities District Board and AFSCME member Mark Foley for East Bay Regional Parks District Board.

Members from Local 2700, 2019, 2620, and Retirees volunteered with the Contra Costa Central Labor Council on Saturday, October 18th for a leadership walk to educate union members about what's at stake in the November election.


Next Wave Summit

Building Power Today and for our Future
January 9-10, 2015 in Sacramento

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Our first Next Wave Summit is an opportunity for new and young members to not only gain valuable Union information, but leader-ship skills that will help you build our Union and our communities. The ability to network with other Union members from across California means that we will have a chance to build friendships that will strengthen our Union for decades to come.


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We've recently launched the #TurnOutForWhat campaign on Twitter and Tumblr. People across the country are sharing why they're turning out to the polls on Nov. 4.


"We're still very much in the fight for a better tomorrow and now is not the time to give up. I want to be able to tell future generations that I did my best to protect their basic right to vote."


AFSCME- Backed Candidates Win CalPERS Seats

AFSCME Local 3993 member Priya Mathur was re-elected to her seat representing public agency workers for the CalPERS Board of Administration, and Theresa Taylor won the seat for state workers.
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Bankruptcy Judge Deals Blow to CalPERS

Federal Bankruptcy Judge Chirstopher Klein has sided with Wall Street, ruling that bankruptcy laws supersede pension laws that require cities to fund workers’ future retirement costs. A large creditor for the City of Stockton filed for bankruptcy protection two years ago, asking the judge to reduce the amount of money the city owes to CalPERS in order to protect their own financial interests. While the City’s bankruptcy plan does not include reduction in their PERS costs, the judge could order them to draw up a new plan that would do so. He could hand down that decision the next court date, October 30, 2014. This decision could have a devastating impact on the funding integrity of the entire state pension system.

LA Times
Stockton bankruptcy ruling could deal blow to CalPERS, public pensions

NY Times
Bankruptcy Judge in California Challenges Sanctity of Pensions


AFSCME Local 146 members show their support for Darrell Fong for the 9th Assembly District seat in the Sacramento area.



Governor Brown signs hard-won worker protection law

It has been almost a year since we lost AFSCME member Chris Sheppard when he was struck by a train during a BART labor dispute. AFSCME forewarned BART about safety deficiencies, specifically about training Management to do work they were not trained or prepared to do. BART was ultimately fined for their carelessness. This bill puts greater teeth into CalOSHA fines. More to come about the anniversary of Sheppard’s death, and what steps need to be taken to ensure his death was not in vain.

Update from our friends at WORKSAFE!

For the past two legislative cycles, and for years before that, Worksafe has fought to close a dangerous loophole in the law that’s put workers' lives in danger.

September 25, 2014
This week, we won! Governor Jerry Brown signed Assembly Bill 1634, co-sponsored by Worksafe and the State Building and Construction Trades Council, and authored by Assemblymember Nancy Skinner.

  • Before AB 1634: Employers received a reduced penalty for fixing a cited hazard, at the time of the citation, without any proof that they had fixed (“abated”) the hazard.
  • After 1634: An employer can only receive the penalty reduction for fixing a hazard if the cited hazard is actually fixed.

Read more. . .


The Labor Occupational Health Program (LOHP), Worksafe, and the Institute for Research on Labor and Employment (IRLE) are co-sponsoring a one-day conference on workplace health and safety.

Saturday, November 8th, 2014
Berkeley City College (ground floor)
2050 Center Street
Berkeley, California, 94704


The conference will highlight:

  • Strategies to improve health and safety on the job
  • Building worker leadership and power
  • Effectively using worker rights under Cal/OSHA
  • Health and Safety Workshops

More information and registration


Senator Warren has a message for AFSCME members. While Senator Warren is not on a ballot this November, she reminds us why it’s so important that we get out to vote this fall.


 AFSCME Council 57 periodically recognizes members of affiliates who provide outstanding service in performance of their job. Here we honor Ryan Russell with the City of San Jose Local 101 MEF Chapter who helped save the life of a member of the public.  Read more



Social media and the web are hugely useful for communicating with our members, but don’t underestimate a bulletin board with timely and informative materials posted. AFSCME Local 146 in Sacramento County issues this challenge to all Council 57 activists to make your worksite bulletin boards a happening place!

Many thanks to Business Agent Karmen Ortloff and the Local 146 production team for use of this video.

 Read how to take THE CHALLENGE here.


It is way past time Congress understood that women's issues are not an afterthought but are of critical importance to the economic health and well-being of our nation.


We asked AFSCME members to share their talent on stage at the 41st International Convention and the results were amazing.


Read between the lines, because Charles Koch's toxic vision for our country is still evident.


Rep. Paul Ryan keeps trotting out the same old plans to shred the U.S. safety net but calls it something else. His most recent scheme to cut anti-poverty programs comes with buzzwords like “innovation” and “flexibility,” but it’s the same tired ideas.


Opponents of labor unions were rubbing their hands gleefully earlier this summer when the Supreme Court ruled that home care workers didn't have to pay "fair share" fees. But our union is a testament to the power of collective action.


Reverend William Barber’s Speech Highlight of Convention 2014

The recent AFSCME International Union Convention concluded on July 18th and delegates returned refreshed and ready for the fights ahead of us. Council 57 delegates to the convention agreed that Reverend William Barber’s speech was the most inspiring of all four days of the convention. Reverend Barber is the President of the North Carolina chapter of the NAACP and you can hear his inspirational speech here.

We are collecting photos and personal accounts of impressions from the Chicago convention! If you have items to share please send them to webmaster@ca.afscme57.org.


AFSCME Ready to Deflect San Jose Mayor’s Second Attack on Retirement Security

San Jose, California, Mayor Chuck Reed staked much of his political career on a promise to cut retirement benefits for public service workers. So it’s no surprise that he’s at it again, even after a judge ruled that his plan to slash city workers’ pensions is unconstitutional.  Read More


Insourcing: A New Trend for the Country?

In states and cities across the country, a new trend is fast taking shape: Fed up with the outsourcing of public jobs at taxpayer expense, concerned citizens and lawmakers push for new laws that would increase accountability and transparency in public-private deals.

In the Public Interest, a comprehensive resource center on privatization and responsible contracting, took the lead in educating the public about the risks and dangers of outsourcing public jobs. Thanks to ITPI’s efforts, lawmakers introduced “insourcing” legislation in 15 states.

Many of these initiatives not only focus on increasing transparency and accountability in public-private dealings but protect taxpayers from bad contracts that lead to wasteful spending. They also help prevent outsourcing fiascos that benefit wealthy corporations while destroying the quality of life of hard-working residents. Read More ...


The anti-fracking movement in California is especially critical in light of the huge drought we’re suffering in our state. Council 57 delegates went on record at their July 2013 meeting opposing fracking, and we are watching our endorsed state legislators closely as this moves through Sacramento.    Read More


PayWatch Raises Awareness about Income Inequality Read more >>>

by Olivia Sandbothe

Low-wage workers in certain federally funded jobs will see a much-needed pay increase, thanks to President Obama.

Read more >>>

Public Employees: Saving Time, Money and Jobs

Public employees and their unions are frequent scapegoats when elected officials seek to score political points or contract out government services. But despite what you may have read, there are many examples of productive labor-management relations in the public sector. Read and share this new report from Jobs with Justice that shows public employees saving taxpayer money and improving the delivery of government services.    Read more . . .


Are Unions Useful Anymore?

Tell me if you've heard this one before: "Unions were good at one time, but haven't they outlived their usefulness?" This statement is old hat for those who want to crush workers' rights on the job. How old? The revelation at the 48-second mark says it all.


Wealth Inequality in America

Our perception of inequality and the actual numbers. The reality is worse than we think.

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