Patricia Schuchardt

Patricia Schuchardt, Treasurer
(510) 301-7459

Patricia is currently working as a property manager for BART, and she is the vice president of AFSCME Local 3993.

Through her local, she was able to push legislation to put pressure on the transit district to negotiate a deal that would look like the statutes of the Public Employee Relations Board (PERB) since BART is only under the BART Act, which is from 1973. Over four long years, Local 3993 finally came up with a deal to add close to a third more members and counting into the local from non-represented classifications. The local was also able to get language that allowed them to grieve any new classifications they believe should be in their unit with an agreed upon community of interest guidelines bases off of PERB’s statutes. This was the first time any union at BART had challenged them and they now know Local 3993 is a force to be reckoned with.

She followed the Council 57 Executive Board meetings as a guest for over a year before she got elected to the board because she wanted to make a difference for every local and not just the locals that had representation on the board.

She continues to work hard for the union because it is so important to put a voice to the movement. What she fights for in her own contract and how she supports all the locals' contracts is what everyone in the Bay Area deserves. Better wages and benefits and keeping medical insurance costs low, while also having job security. All unions are being attacked in this country and it is important to continue to educate everyone about why unions are so important and how it makes the economy stronger.

As the council’s treasurer, she is committed to keeping a balanced budget and working hard to organize members internally and externally to increase our membership because we are stronger in numbers.