AFSCME Members Share Why They Supported 'A Day Without a Woman’

AFSCME members were out in full force to support “A Day Without a Woman,” the one-day demonstration of economic solidarity organized by the same group that led the historic Women’s March on Washington.

The day of solidarity, held on the same day as International Women's Day, called on women and allies throughout the country to stand together for equity, justice and the human rights of women. Many Council 57 members showed their solidarity throughout California by wearing red and taking part in rallies where they work.

Here are some perspectives from the proud AFSCME women who took part in the day of solidarity: 

“I seriously wanted to do more to support the strike, but my adoption specialist colleagues and I had to attend an emergency training. I felt that the need to help the families we serve outweighed my desire to take the day off. Rather than strike, my colleagues and I wore red in solidarity and we refrained from shopping.”

—Maia Downs, Local 2620

“I supported ‘A Day Without a Woman’ with my sisters and brothers because many things need to get done in order for society to function well, and the people doing some of these jobs are not adequately valued or compensated. We strive for a fair and just society, so we fight when any person is devalued for their identity.”

—Eri Suzuki, Local 2428

AFSCME CEO (Local 101) members Lisa Rice and LaVerne Washington show their solidarity at the International Women's Day rally at San Jose City Hall.

"I was out there holding my Rosie the Riveter sign to let everyone know that women's rights are workers' rights, and an affront to one is an affront to all, especially me. I believe in talking the talk and walking the walk."

—LaVerne Washington, Local 101