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Governor's Budget May Revised


"The Governor has laid out the only credible framework for achieving a long-term resolution to California's budget challenges. It will achieve the necessary balance between deep and difficult cuts, and the revenue needed to ensure that the cuts to education, public safety and other vital services are no deeper than they have to be. ... I think the key difference between what the Governor proposes and what the Republicans put out late last week is that we are focused on a long-term solution to California's budget. We're not interested in gimmicks, papering-over the deficit, or hoping we just get through the year and then praying for an even faster economic recovery. The numbers don't lie. The revenue increase over the last several weeks is good news, but it doesn't change the fundamental nature of the challenge we face. So let's finish our work." Senate President Pro Tem Darryl Steinberg

"The $3 billion increase in education funding proposed by the Governor is welcome news to schools across the state where students are eager to learn; parents are engaged; and teachers, administrators, and school employees are working day and night to help our students achieve. Providing schools the resources they need is our shared responsibility, and the Governor's proposal -- after $18 billion in cuts over the last three years -- offers us a chance to begin to meet it. The May Revision also foreshadows the stark choices we face if Republicans and Democrats cannot reach agreement on a long-term solution to the financial emergency in California's schools.The alternative to the Governor's plan is to impose devastating additional cuts that our schools cannot afford -- further crowding classrooms, laying off even more teachers, and shortening a school year that is already one of the shortest in the industrialized world." State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson

“The balanced approach presented by Governor Brown in January remains the only credible path to a balanced budget that protects the critical public structures and systems, including our public schools, colleges, and universities, needed to support a healthy economy. We regret the Governor's decision to retain the Enterprise Zone Program - a program that has been proven ineffective by rigorous, independent economic research - while closing gems of the state park system and maintaining the deep cuts that endanger many vulnerable families, children, and seniors. Keeping programs that do not work, while scaling back those that do - such as our highly successful welfare-to-work program - does not reflect Californians' values and priorities.” Jean Ross, Executive Director of California Budget Project

"After $6 billion of cuts to health and human services, the new budget proposal requires extending current tax rates in order to prevent further ugly cuts to seniors, families, and the health system on which we all rely. A metaphorical budget bomb goes off in six weeks unless California extends existing tax levels. Allowing revenues to expire on June 30th will blow a new, big budget hole of billions of dollars, causing much steeper cuts in health, education, and other vital services. The budget has already booked severe cuts, including caps on Medi-Cal doctor visits, significantly increased premiums and co-payments for low-income families, and drastic cuts to Medi-Cal providers and adult day health centers." Anthony Wright, Health Access



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