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TAKE ACTION: Join the Worker Resistance Against the President's Agenda

Graphic by California Labor Federation

The California Labor Federation has created a one-stop shop to chronicle and empower the worker-led resistance coming from this state that is fighting back against the Republican Congress and the President's agenda.

Every day there’s a tidal wave of information about attacks on working people. From trying to take away the health insurance of millions of Americans, to giving Wall Street bankers the keys to our economy to threatening the basic rights of workers, it can be overwhelming to keep up.

This inspired CantTrumpCalifornia.com. California Unions came together to build a new tool that focuses on national threats against working people coming from the GOP Congress, the President's Administration and the Supreme Court.

According to the Labor Fed, CantTrumpCalifornia.com will be consistently updated with attacks facing working people as well as opportunities for working people to have an impact in the fight back.

Any time you see an attack against working people, send a tweet to @CaliforniaLabor and use the hashtag #TrumpWatch.

You can also find out how to get involved by signing up for the site's action alerts

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