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AFSCME Strong Reached More Than 1,300 Members in March, April

We set out to accomplish an ambitious AFSCME Strong program in 2016, and the numbers are promising so far. This year, we are looking to build on our success in 2015 by doing outreach to 15,000 members, signing up 2,000 fee-payers for full union membership and identifying 1,000 additional members who want to be PEOPLE MVPs.

Here are the numbers since March.


Number of members reached out to through program


Fee-payers converted to members



One of the goals this year is to improve our organizing efforts as we reach out to more members. That means you’ll see improved and universal reports to which staff, leaders and activists will have access. You’ll also see a major difference with how Council 57 communicates with Locals through the new website and communications strategy being led by our new communications specialist.

We still have two more AFSCME Strong blitzes planned through the summer. We need volunteer member organizers to join us in this endeavor to help us talk with other members at their worksites, rallies and other events. Member-to-member communication and outreach is our most effective form of communication and your Union needs your help!

If you can join one of the blitzes, please contact Organizing Director John Tucker at john.tucker@ca.afscme57.org. The dates will be posted on our website and social media pages. Travel expenses and time may be reimbursed.

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