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TAKE ACTION: Save the ACA Rally & March

The President and Republicans in Washington are rushing a reckless and careless healthcare repeal bill through Congress, putting lives at risk for the sake of politics. They want to force votes before they even know how many people will lose coverage or how much it will cost. This is totally irresponsible.

Seniors, kids and working families in California will be devastated by this half-baked, dishonest plan. Millions will lose their care and everyone will pay more—all in order to give the wealthiest Americans like the President and his family massive tax cuts.

On March 23, join the Fight 4 Our Health statewide coalition, which includes Council 57, in Los Angeles for the Save the Affordable Care Act Rally and March. The "Affordable Health Care Act" was just recently introduced in Congress, and the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office score of the House Republicans' bill showed that 24 million people would lose health care coverage within a decade.

Republican leaders recognize this bill will only get more unpopular, so their plan is to pass the bill through the House, and then the Senate, without a full review—all before the Easter recess.

We are asking all available AFSCME members to support the March 23 action. We need to show our Congresspeople that Americans deserve more from their elected leaders. That's why we are speaking out and demanding honest answers.

For more information about the March 23 action, visit Fight4OurHealth.org.

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