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This June Primary Election is Important

Today’s primary election is a big deal for California.  

Not only do we get to decide on whom should be the nominees for the Presidential election, but we also get to take a stand on the state and local candidates and issues that are just as important to working families.  

Despite the media’s announcement that Hillary Clinton has already clinched the Democratic nomination, this election is not over and it’s important that we vote on all the races on the ballot.  

Check out our endorsements for the primary election, which are always made by AFSCME members after finding out how the candidates stand on issues that are important to us and our families.  

Please help us spread the word today to your family members, friends and co-workers by sharing the following Election Day tips:  

  • There could be long lines. Be prepared to wait if need be.
  • Polls opened at 7am and close at 8pm. If you are in line by 8pm, you can vote.
  • If you haven’t sent in your mail ballot yet, you can drop it off at your polling place or at a special poll drop place designated by your registrar of voters. For your mail-in vote to count, make sure the back of the envelope is signed.
  • You can find your polling place and other information here 
  • There are some special rules for the Presidential primary. If you’re registered as “No Party Preference,” you can only vote for a Democrat or Republican if you request that Party’s ballot when you vote at your polling site. All other offices have open primaries where you can vote for your preferred candidate without being registered with a party. 

Remember, we can win. With your vote. With your voice. When working people stand together.

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