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Local 2428 Member Wins Election 2016 Volunteer Challenge

Now that the elections are over and we move from being shocked at the outcome of the Presidential race to making sure our communities, services and good public sector jobs are protected, it’s time to recognize the work that AFSCME members did in California to make our political campaign a success.

Back in August, our Union asked members to volunteer and get involved in the election because we knew that our jobs, families and communities were at stake. We knew that we could make a difference by campaigning for elected officials who care about our work and our families.

We started an Election Volunteer Challenge to motivate everyone to volunteer and help support our endorsed candidates and ballot measures. Today, we’re excited to announce the results.

The following are the 2016 Election Volunteer Challenge Winners:

Member who volunteered the most shifts:

  • Erwin Lynch, AFSCME Local 2428 (East Bay Regional Parks), with 26 shifts (28 counting double credit)

Other notable volunteers:

  • April Wilson, AFSCME Local 2700 (Contra Costa County), with 18 shifts (20 counting double credit)
  • Cheryll Grover, AFSCME Local 2700 (Contra Costa County), with 16 shifts (19 counting double credit)

“Special props are due to Cheryll, who was the Local President most involved with this election,” AFSCME Council 57 Political Director Cheryl Brown said. “She led by example, never quit recruiting members to volunteer and sent out Local Union letters to provide members with extra information about endorsed candidates.”

Volunteers with 10-15 shifts (counting double credit shifts):

  • Nadine Peyrucain, AFSCME Retirees Chapter 57
  • Nannette Mendoza, Local 2700 (Contra Costa Retirement Association)
  • Belinda Malone, AFSCME Local 146 (SETA)
  • Dan Gibson, AFSCME Local 101 (San Jose)
  • Sharon Corkin, Local 2428 (East Bay Regional Parks)
  • Eri Suzuki, Local 2428 (East Bay Regional Parks)
  • Kate Collins, Local 2428 (East Bay Regional Parks)

Local with the Most Shifts:

  • Local 2428 East Bay Regional Parks with 83 shifts, which equals 16.7% of their total membership

Other Locals with impressive numbers of shifts:

  • Local 2700 (Contra Costa County) with 71 shifts (equals 5.6% of the total membership)
  • AFSCME Local 829 with 52 shifts (equals 2% of membership). The Belmont chapter did 21 shifts alone.
  • Local 101 (San Jose Area) with 44 shifts (equals 1.4% of membership)

Small Locals that delivered big:

  • Local 512 (Contra Costa County) with 12 shifts mobilized 3.5% of membership
  • Local 1587 (Santa Clara Probation) with 19 shifts mobilized 3.7% of membership
  • Local 146 (Sacramento County) with 17 shifts mobilized 2.6% of the membership

Local with the highest percentage of members participating:

  • Local 2428 with 4.4% of members volunteering at least 1 shift

Two other Locals met or exceeded the California Labor Federation goal of at least 1.5% of members volunteering:

  • Local 1587 (Santa Clara Probation) had 3.7% of members do one shift
  • Local 258 (Elk Grove Unified School District) met the 1.5% goal

Special appreciation to Council 57 staff, who collectively put in 112 shifts (139 counting double credit shifts).

There is a correlation between these volunteer efforts and the election outcomes.

  • Dee Rosario was elected to the East Bay Regional Park District Board. AFSCME Local 2428 made this happen!
  • Diane Burgis was elected to the Contra Costa Board of Supervisors. AFSCME Local 2700 and AFSCME Local 512 made this happen!
  • Elk Grove Unified School District’s Bond Measure M passed! AFSCME Local 258 made this happen!

Local 258 President Jennifer Ballerini said the School District and Union leaders began meeting in early August to map out the campaign strategy for the bond measure.

Ballerini and the president of the teachers union were asked to be co-chairs of the Yes on M campaign so that everyone could see that our members—the classified employees—supported the bond. The group decided that phone banking would be the best strategy, and they carried out that strategy from the day after Labor Day until the night before the election, Ballerini said.

With the Elk Grove School District being the fifth largest in the state, they knew it was going to take a team effort. It was also important that those who volunteered felt that they played an important part in this effort, Ballerini said.

“The passing of this measure is huge for our District because it means job growth, District growth, and it helps all homeowners property values,” Ballerini said. “I am very proud of everyone who participated.”

  • Local 829’s strong efforts in San Mateo County resulted in David Canepa being elected to the Board of Supervisors, a worker-friendly majority in Daly City, and measures to fund AFSCME jobs passing in Belmont and County-wide! A big shout out to the workers in the City of Belmont Chapter who volunteer after work and on one Saturday to canvass their community. AFSCME Local 829 Belmont Chapter made this happen!
  • Ash Kalra was elected to the State Assembly to represent AD 27 in San Jose, and a true union champion, Sergio Jimenez, will replace him on the San Jose City Council in District 2. Local 101 and 1587 made this happen!
  • In Eureka, a young, progressive, AFSCME-endorsed candidate named Austin Allison was elected, to the dismay of the establishment candidates who had long held office. AFSCME Local 1684 made this happen!

We didn’t win all our races, but AFSCME made the difference in cities and counties where we work and live.

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