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New Policy Brief Demonstrates How the Governor’s Proposed Budget will further Degrade the Lives of Californians

On July 7, 2010, the Health and Human Services Network of California and the UC Berkeley Center for Labor Research & Education released a new policy brief detailing the devastating economic repercussions of Governor Schwarzenegger’s proposed budget cuts to vital health and human services.

The new report includes information on 1) jobs lost, 2) reductions in economic output and 3) losses in state and local revenues for California’s key regions, including:
• Bay Area
• Central Coast
• Los Angeles County
• Northern/Sierra
• Other Southern California counties (Inland Empire, OC, and San Diego)
• Sacramento
• San Joaquin Area

You can download the report here (PDF).

The most severe consequences of the Governor’s cuts-only budget would come in the form of hundreds of thousands of jobs lost – at a time when more than 2 million Californians are currently out of work! In Los Angeles County alone, more than 84,000 jobs would be lost; while an equally astounding 37,000 jobs would be lost in the Bay Area, and tens of thousands more jobs lost in the other key regions included in the report…all the result of the Governor’s proposed cuts to vital health and human services like CalWORKS, Child care, IHSS and others -- while failing to capitalize on targeted revenue solutions such as scaling back costly corporate tax breaks or implementing an oil severance fee.

As the report findings show, California’s economic and family recovery depends on a budget that works for all of us by including targeted revenue solutions at the State and Federal level to help create and maintain jobs and protect our vital health and human services!

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