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Next Wave Wine Tasting at Scribner Bend

Publication Date: Mon, Dec-1-2014

Set in an idyllic setting of a rustic barn surrounded by pinot grigio grape vines, Local 146’s Next Wave members settled into an afternoon learning how wine is made but even better, tasting wine with cheese.

Our Union Business Agent, Karmen Lee Ortloff is a member of the wine club at Scribner Bend and so the barrel room tour as well as the tasting for the Next Wave members was free. “I really enjoy the perks we get being wine club members and I couldn’t spend the day with better company than our Union brothers and sisters,” said Ortloff. “But I want to make sure that this was a personal perk of my membership, so no Union dues money was spent on wine!”

For several of our Next Wavers, such as Nu Her, a teacher at SETA Head Start, this event was not only their first time wine tasting, but the first time they had attended a Union function. “I definitely recommend that other members come to AFSCME events. These sorts of activities are more intimate and it gives you a chance to converse, hand out and relax with other Union members and not worry about anything,” said Her. “I have been meaning to attend a Union activity for a while and I am so happy that I made it wine tasting. I really, REALLY did enjoy it.”

Mark Scribner, the winery owner, took us to the barrel room to explain how they make wine at Scribner Bend and was most complimentary to his employees. “From the migrant workers that come in and harvest our grapes to women serving wine in the tasting room and everyone else in the business, I am the luckiest guy in the world and I am nothing without my employees,” Scribner said, which was music to the ears of Union members. “I appreciate and support businesses that support their workers,” said Ortloff. Scribner Bend is 100% estate wine, which means the grapes are grown, picked and made into wine on the same property in which they are sold.

The wine tasting event gave Union members a chance to hear about other initiatives of our Union, such as the upcoming Steward Trainings in November and it is that one on one relationship building among Union members that make for a fun and successful Union.

Katrina Ndiaye, a Family Service Worker at SETA Head Start said the event was fun and “this is a perfect way to spend a Saturday,” and her friend and fellow SETA Head Start member Denise Cook chimed in and added “and a great way to get to know other Union people!”

If you missed the wine tasting, here’s how you can recreate the experience at home. When you pour a glass of wine, gently swirl the wine in the glass; this allows the wine to “breathe” and “opens it up.” (A little air is good, too much air, like leaving it out overnight, will spoil the wine, so finish that bottle!) Next, stick your nose deep into the glass and take a deep sniff and see if you can identify the smells (for example, may wines smell like cherries, or peach or even leather and tobacco). Take a sip… recognize the flavors? Search the internet for a good cheese pairing with your bottle of wine, take a nibble and go back to the wine… you will be amazed at how different a bite of cheese can make the wine taste! Enjoy!

The Next Wave program is a Union initiative to encourage new and young members to become active in our Union. Through education, political and social activities, our Union engages Next Wavers. The Next Wave is important to our Union because it is our way to build power today and for our Union’s future. If you want more information about the Next Wave, contact our Business Agent Karmen Lee Ortloff at 916.923.1860, ext. 114 or email Karmen.Ortloff@ca.afscme57.org.

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